I find humanity very interesting: I’m amazed on how we created a way to save and transmit knowledge, how emotions are a big part of our daily decisions, how we have lots of technology advances that can have more humanitarian targets, etc. Also I find my life pretty interesting: I know I am an average person yet I have a lot of passion about life. I want to keep all those thoughts and that’s why I want to write.

Now is my opportunity to start this project. On the last month of 2017, I make the time to listen to myself and ask myself what I want to do. Life becomes more interesting after doing that question and start looking for answers. I know that some events in my life are a joke but fortunatly, most of the time I can focus about real concerns of the world. I am looking to generate knowledge to upgrade the quality of life of a community.

After a great reflection, I could finally decide some aspects that I wanted to settle before start writing this blog:

  • I’m going to write a personal Blog that focuses in the daily discussions I have inside my head.
  • Two specific topics I want to write about are: 1. education through technology and 2. migration. I am interested to develop one of those topics for my Master Degree.

Finally, if someone someday read this I want to tell you that we can build a better community together. Safe free to comment and critique what I am doing. Thanks a lot and be the kind of human you want to be.



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