Procrastination is my biggest enemy.

It’s hard for me to focus in something. If my mind distracts just a little second, I know I am lost. I have to constantly remind myself that if I can focus, I can finish my working list of the day in a short lapse of time. What annoys me is that I love to work because I feel I am investing my time in a productive way, but stills, it’s hard for me to start. I have to force myself start doing things.  There are so many interesting topics around myself that is difficult to focus in just one thing. For example: if I am drinking green tea while working, I suddenly want to know why some people say that green tea is a good beverage; I want to know the chemical components of green tea, so I look for them. Later, I want to know what civilization made this beverage popular, how they used to drink it and what’s the difference between green tea and matcha. Then I started to think when was the first day I taste green tea and how now I drink it everyday because I bought a tea infuser thermo and green tea was the only plant I knew where they sell it with great quality, variety and accesible price. Talking to myself about that topic, makes me think about a subtopic. And that can happen for hours.

But, guess what? This week I am going to start something new. I have a plan to defeat procrastination and I am going to use heavy forces. This is what I am going to do:

  1. I am going to work in 40 minutes blocks. I am going to pick a topic, set a goal and start doing what I have to do.
  2. I am going to focus in what I am doing during the 40 minutes. Zero distractions: no cellphone or daydreaming.
  3. I am going to make a list and follow the list of what you have to do.

That’s it. I know I will be able to make true this intention. I need this kind of discipline in my life if I want to reach my goals.





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