Job Hunting

Weeks after I graduated from college, I started working in a big company in an area I was interested in. I remember that after the salary offer, the HR guy ask me if I was ok with how much they were going to pay me and I reply “It’s not as much as I want, but it’s ok”.

For my first job, it was a good salary. Of course, I was a dumbass and had no idea about what does a crisis mean. I was not aware that there’s always a good person that is suffering because the lack of opportunities. I was a Leprechaun, looking always to have more money for my gold pot. Of course, I also wanted to learn more about everything. It doesn’t took so long to search and find another job… and another job, and another job… None of those works where perfect but most of the time I decided to enjoy the adventures more than whipping about nonsenses.

For the first time after I graduated, I decided to take a break and think about myself. The last 5 months I have being thinking about life per se. Now I am between going back to corporate life or trying to do something by myself.

My best option, of course, is doing something by myself. I predict too much the sustainability in the workplace and I am not looking for my own sustainability so I feel that my believes should be reflect by who I am. I consider myself a smart person and I want to create my own working opportunities. I know that it implies a huge amount of discipline and, to be honest, I have no idea if I have the requirements to develop that kind of discipline. I am trying.

Aligned with creating my own working opportunity, I have being thinking that studying a Master Degree would be a great support for my plans because 1) I will earn a better qualification 2) I can expand my current knowledge 3) I could met possible allies

That’s the plan and I am happy I could enjoy and took five months for myself. But because I can’t live from good wishes I started to send my curriculum to interesting job offers since yesterday. I am also planning to apply for a master degree but if I don’t get a full scholarship, I am not able to pay for it in my current situation. I swear I am doing my best to fulfill this dream. Let’s see what will happen in further weeks.




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