Wake up

I wish I could wake up feeling full and fresh at 6:00 hrs. I wish I could feel full and fresh until 23:00 hrs. But that’s not something that happen.

I struggle waking up at 6:00 hrs and (try to) stay with full energy in my daily activities (is this possible?). I hate feeling like a couch potato but I kinda like (a lot) to sit in the couch, and watch an awesome series. Also it’s difficult for me to change from one activity to another if I am feeling comfortable with the activity I am already doing.

In addition to this, I have a serious procrastination problem: when I can’t focus in my core activities and I start doing something else, I fool myself thinking “Right now, I am doing something that will bring me inspiration someday somehow”. I also fool myself  with the forced thinking that, if the activity that is distracting me for my core goals is a contemplative, reflexive or relaxing activity, then I am “feeding my soul” and “that’s also important for a complete development of my human thinking”. Finally, the last lie I say to myself: “fun is an important creativity tool so I am going to fulfill that necessity with videos/series/movies” (sure, I don’t have to spend all the afternoon with this activity, but it happens).

I am a person with positive feelings and a proactive attitude until the dark shadow of self-sabotage shows and starts shaping in my brain a disastrous idea instead of shaping how to invest my life in something meaningful. Enough from self-sabotage!

I already had meaningful experiences and now is the time to connect the dots looking backward. It is not that simple to start clearing the path, but it is giving me a better idea of what I want, what do I need to fulfill the idea, what are the truly important things I have to focus on, what I am going to do in my daily basis, etc. Now I am sailing in my own path and the feeling is indescribable.

Now, I want to be able to enjoy at its fullest every single part of the day. I can’t, yet. But I will. 

Wake up! (I talk to myself). Wake up and open your eyes! Enjoy with your body and feelings every second of the day. Fill your life with great experiences and great persons. Evolve your knowledge. Work in harmony. Fulfill the reason of your existence.

Wake up.



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