Doing stuff

I am finally doing some work. I am excited but I am also a little angry that I didn’t start before.

It’s really nice to be feel sure about something. I’m not 100% percent sure if I’ll succeed in my plans but doesn’t matter. I am glad that for once in my working life I have some kind of certainty of what I want to do because that’s the first step to succeed in something. Now I am leading my actions in what I am willing to reach.

Btw, today I downloaded in my phone an habit tracking app that helps to create habits, I think it might help to the constancy I need. I have a strong theory that most of the times I can’t fulfill my goals because I can’t be constant in what I want to transform to be an habit because I forget to do because I do not set an hour to make it truth. If this theory is true this tracking app will be dope. Let’s start proving  my theory in 3… 2… 1…



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