To write is easy; what is hard is to feel comfortable with what I want to publish and share. I’m determined to excel in all my deliveries as a writer because that’s my way to find my own happiness in this existence.

I know I can’t reach everyone with what I write because we all have different backgrounds, objectives, and positions in life, but I also know I have many things to share and that someone (at least one lonely soul like mine) can feel related to my thoughts.

For many years I convinced myself that I was living in a worthless place and that I was doomed to rot with everyone else that hold similar mentality. I felt La Nausée sartrian. Fortunately, the actions I took day by day changed me and today I’m not the kind of person I wanted to be 6 years ago (and I am glad). Instead of that, I accepted that life can be hard, people can be mean (or just stupid), but I decided to stay positive and with no doubts about bringing some good into this chaotic scenario we are living in.

La Nausée is still outside my door but I don’t care about it anymore. I don’t want to be swallow by it, I don’t want it to make me feel incapable of leading myself into things I want to reach. I want to be le contraire de la Nausée. 

I must remember to chill out, think in a positive and constructive way (no matter what) and surpass my limits. Amazing persons are doing this and they’re the hope I need to continue this journey.



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