The cycle

I haven’t written anything in two weeks. This means that my thoughts haven’t had an escape valve. Today, I had felt unsure and tired of myself and after trying to do some exercise,  I crashed. My eyelids started to feel heavy. I was holding so many thoughts that I couldn’t focus. I was being controlled by negative feelings that were affecting my productivity and self-destructive attitudes started to flow.

But this happens and, after working with full consciousness the kind of person I want to become, now I have an advantage: I know how to feel motivated and renewed from one moment to other. The key is to look for some inspiration.

Everything starts with one idea. I start working and nourishing an idea. To understand the idea, I must fragment it in several sub-themes because I need to see each part of an idea. After I analyze and order those sub-themes, I can get as result a new perception that is shown to me as clear as if I could see the bottom of a refreshing and sweet cenote. With this clearness and understanding of an idea,  inspiration happens. Inspiration comes from the linkage of the ideas that I have in my mind, and as the result of an inspiring afternoon, I usually develop new ideas. It’s a perfect cycle that empowers ideas that empowers inspiration that empower ideas…

The pretty thing is when ideas become strong enough to have its own path and maybe become a reference for me or for others. When I realize how much power an idea can have, I feel that my purpose in life is to reach enough knowledge to edify an idea that can help in the positive transformation of our society.

I have cross a no turning back point when I decided to develop and nourish my ideas. Sometimes it’s hard to see how society is working but doing my best is the only way I can feel peace. I’m waiting to succeed and become an important changemaker in society. In the end, I feel like I’m fuzing with this Universe. Or at least my presence is altering this Universe. And I feel powerful knowing that.




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