I miss from my childhood the sensation of total boredom. Boredom always forced me to look beyond the common scenario and took me to different places. Before the Youtube Era, my imagination was my browser channel. I closed my eyes and I start watching whatever I wanted to project in my mind. I get disconnected from this human world and I visited different worlds created by me and were based on the things that I liked. Scenery depended on my mood, sometimes I was Legolas in The Battle of the Pelennor Fields, a Yoshi surrounded by more Yoshis in Yoshi’s Island, a worker of Capsule Corp or a paleontologist living in Jurassic Park.

I miss having those moments with myself.

Now I’m more used to consume content from the web than make time to listen to my inner voice. When I started to ignore what my inner voice was trying to tell me? I don’t know, but this last week, that I became a little nostalgic, I turn on my imagination. Just a little, just to say hello.




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