Junk lifestyle

I’m a person that grew up watching all kind of food advertisement. I knew all the sweet snacks jingles and I loved singing them all the time. When I went to the supermarket with my parents they never bought me any kind of junk food even if I wanted to try them so badly. Of course on some occasions, they gave me candies, cookies or junk food.

I remember watching other kids in my school enjoying lots of junk food while I had an apple and a sandwich in my lunch box. One of my friends took all her healthy lunch out from her tupper and threw it directly into the garbage bin. Her mother always pushes her to finish all her meal and my friend hated healthy food. After disappearing her food, I accompanied her to buy a “bear claw”, some kind of glazed soft and a warm big piece of sweet bread. Heaven for a kid.

In those days carbonated beverages and junk food were not banned from schools. Also, prizes for a good behavior or a great performance in the class were frequently candies and chocolates. On weekends, going to the cinema was always better while eating some buttered popcorn. What kind of education in nutrition was that?

When I start working in an office I noticed that I had the trend of rewarding myself with an ice cream every Thursday because I deserved it (also on Thursday ice cream were 2×1 and I could share my guilty happiness with someone else). Knowing that I was going to have a weekly ice cream doesn’t stop me from eating some delicious waffles with chocolate and a milkshake on Sunday morning or having some buffalo wings for dinner. I didn’t feel I was having unhealthy habits. I didn’t have any healthy disease that needed a special diet and I had a great weight considering my age and height so I thought I was doing just fine. In fact, people around me told me I look healthy the way I was and I didn’t have to worry about nothing. But I wasn’t confortable with myself.


It took me many years to understand that not everybody wants me to be better and that the reason that led me to take more care about my nutrition and how it affects the way I look is not going to be understood by everyone. It took me more time to start doing something to change my nutrition habits. I’m still studying and learning how I can become a better version of myself. It’s difficult because more than half of my life I learnt and listened to the wrong references.

I still want to eat a big piece of chocolate cake when I feel I am doing great in life but I know I must change that synopsis from my brain and maybe start rewarding myself in another way.


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