Dear you

On January I posted an entry called “Job hunting.” I felt ready to go back to my basics and follow my mellow hearth wherever it wanted me to go (and by this I mean that I tried to follow the corniest thoughts stored in my brain, constructed by my Rousseauian Kantian Hollywood chick flicks education and decided to do some good for our society and environment).

After looking for something that could make me happy on a daily basis and after the counterpart agreed that I was “the one for them”, I was hired (in August). So… there I was: a young professional, going back to a real job in an NGO. I was ready to work in something that allows me to make a positive transformation in the most needed communities in my country (definitely the corniest part of myself). But, why? Why I believe this is the way to transform into a better society? (a topic for another time)

Anyway, two months have passed and I’m still really excited about this new phase in my life, although I wish I had no job because it would mean that society is doing the things right (or the right things). It’s not the case.

My love for my job is the reason I haven’t written anything here, I focus on the projects I am doing and in other daily activities. But I really enjoy to think-write-think again – erase, erase, erase and rewrite this blog. Here, I can share my thoughts and where I feel refresh and renovated. The magic of the www.

So dear you: thank you for remembering me that here’s another important part of my life.

I’m back.



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